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Book 3


“A gal should be three things – swanky, ambitious, and wary of jockeys”

Jump Season, the continuing tales of a band of audacious women and their fearlessly funny romp through life, love, sex and revenge.


They’re not the sort of ladies you’d like your lover to know from the office, the gym, the stables, or in fact, from anywhere, but it’s probably safe to read about them … 


While Trudy is making TV shows involving ghost sex, a medieval surgeon, and a clairvoyant Michelin-starred chef, a skint and menopausal Virginia is fuming because her nemesis, Lorna, has returned to Brighton to marry a top jockey. As a diversion, Virginia drags Trudy on a manhunt to Florida, where studs, rakes, and reptiles are at the ready to satisfy their rusting libidos.

Cover design © Madeleine Flude

“Great read and, once started, you won’t be able to put it down”

“Very fast, wickedly funny”

“A great insight into the steamy shenanigans of the horsey world”

Jump Season

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