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Cover design © Madeleine Flude

"A desperate housewife’s hilarious and moving tale of chaos, hope and self-discovery."


Meet Clem Elliot. Part-time BBC clerk. Wife to Ryan. Mother to twins, Jack and Stan. For nearly twenty years, life for Clem is cushty. Until suddenly, it’s not. So what does she do? She runs away to the Greek islands to join a sailing circus, of course.

Here, with her newfound skills, she wows audiences with tricks involving handbags, staple guns and goats. She even impresses her wild cohorts … including the very fanciable, but unscrupulous womaniser, Captain Red.

However, as wire-walking, fire-breathing and swabbing the deck become the norm, a chance encounter with a wrathful rabble brings with it a ghost from her past. Can a life conquering the Ionian with Red’s dazzling armada ever be her real future? Or has the time come for Clem to get real and return to the mess she left behind?


“Stress-free, page-turning joy”

 “I laughed, I cried and I could not put it down.”

“A great summer read, which brings the Greek islands to life - you can almost  feel the heat!”

“A brightly painted, hilarious and touching romantic comedy with countless unforgettable characters” 

“The inspirational story of one woman, Clem, who doesn’t let life stand in the way of living the dream”

An Untameable Zebra

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