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4 CHASE BG.jpg
Book 4
Cover design © Madeleine Flude

“A showdown that is as chic, ambitious and outrageous

 as the women are”


Chase Season, the explosive finale of the exploits of three women who make friends, only to make enemies of each other … usually, because of a man.


What will it take to forgive each other’s secrets and lies … ?


TV producer Trudy returns from a holiday tragedy to face a domestic drama triggered by a damning tabloid story. Meanwhile, Lorna’s tolerance is tested when her star-jockey husband sows his wild oats a little too close to home. Trudy does her best to support her friend, but she’s got problems of her own with an unwanted suitor, and a psychic television show that has voices from her past creeping back to haunt her.

“Riotous, Witty, Breath-taking, Rewarding”

“As reprisals go, this tops it”

“I felt I’d lost my wolf pack when I finished”

Chase Season

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