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In Season

Book 1


“Great fun to read with genuine warmth and charm”


In Season is the first in the collection of rampant fun, that charts the scandalous sagas of three insatiable women.


These sassy gals might have bonded in their triumph over unscrupulous men, but when temptation replaces loyalty and forbidden fruit is tasted, inevitably, the jealousy begins.


By day, Lorna Stanton is a dentist, by night, she likes to play. However, when a lover posts a sex tape of her online, she calls on thrill-seeker friends TV producer Trudy Button and social climber Virginia Tardelli to engineer the ultimate in revenge porn; an adventure that takes them from Brighton to London, and to New York, across the four seasons of one year.


“Lovable characters, laugh out loud moments and some very rude bits!”

Cover design © Madeleine Flude

“A bunch of ravenous, driven women, unimpeded by infidelity, divorce and blackmail!”

“A wonderful fluffy romp, with a dark side”

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